What is important to us in life? Many things for many people. But there is something common for all of us – the desire to be happy. Unfortunately, too often we aren’t feeling it. So what is the secret to becoming happy and making it last?

Happiness the Jewish Way: A Practical Guide to Happiness Through the Lens of Jewish Wisdom answers this question in a unique way:

  1. It prompts to define what happiness is, how we may be getting it wrong, and how to practice it.
  2. It uses extensive and multi-faceted Jewish wisdom to help readers find ways to mastering happiness and contentment.
  3. Every section provides a boost of joy and many practical tips on how to apply this accumulated wisdom in day-to-day life.
  4. It draws from folklore, history, spirituality, modern science, mystical teachings, philosophy, religious texts, humor and other sources to create a cohesive introduction to the Jewish wisdom on happiness.
  5. It offers a secular perspective on the wealth of Jewish heritage.
  6. You can open the book to any page, pick and choose what is working for you, and start mastering your happiness.

Happiness the Jewish Way is an efficiently organized, easy-to-follow guide to lasting joy and a comprehensive introduction to the Jewish wisdom on happiness. It helps readers of all backgrounds cultivate self-esteem, positive attitude, resilience and other happiness traits. At the same time, it offers a fresh, inspiring, sometimes surprising, and always entertaining insight into the Jewish culture.



On October 4, Happiness the Jewish Way became #1 in Amazon Kindle store!

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